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Our ancestors found strange bones in the ground and imagined them to be skeletons of dragons. Thousands of years later Victorian Scientists found similar bones and described them as Reptiles, coining the term "Dinosaurs", meaning "Powerful Lizards". We still don't know much about the creatures which lived on our planet so long ago other than that we are fascinated by them.

Again, in the best spirit of our motto: "A Fun Way to Learn, a Creative Way to Play", Kreative Komix offers the ultimate interactive graphic story maker for young people, Kreative Komix Dinosaurs.

Here a just a few of the Dinosaurs from the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods....

Iguanodon Albertosaurus Velociraptor Pteranodon Brachiosaurus
Styracosaurus Parasaurolophus Edmontosaurus Tyrannosaurus Elaphrosaurus

...Marine Reptiles and Fish from ancient seas you can use to make stories with.

Belemnites Lipidotes Ichthyosaur Liopleurodon Plesiosaur

We also have outlined versions of most characters so kids can color them in.

Iguanodon Tyrannosaurus Velociraptor Ankylosaurus Pteranodon

We include comic characters to expand your story make possibilities.

Alegrasaurus Cyrano Cynodont Neal Andrew Tal Skeptasaurus Theodore Rex


Kreative Komix Dinosaurs
is planned for release in the Winter of 2005-2006.
If you are interested
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The game contains plenty of props, scenery...

...and Yukky stuff...

Make great stories or to use in combination with other Kreative Komix Products.

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