The SEQUENCE button:

helps you decide which things go first. This is only helpful when you are making a movie or slide show. When you hit the Sequence button, Kreative Komix automatically gives everything on your stage a number; characters, text, sounds, animation, everything!

You just click on the thing you want to be first, watch the numbers rearrange themselves, then click on the thing you want to be second and so on.


Sequence is a hard word for my younger friends. Can you pronounce it?

Say SE like in "I see you"...

QU like the first part of Queen..


ENCE like fence without the F. Got it?

Some of my other friends know how to say it but they don't know what it means. That's okay, you'll understand once you play with it awhile. It's really easy and you can't really mess up so just have fun!

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