Kreative Komix Rocks Mac World!

We're a hit at both the San Francisco and New York shows!

Tech TV chose Kreative Komix to do a short video.

See a Tech TV clip (Quicktime)
Taped at the New York MAC World

Kreative Komix wins a 2004 Instructor Teacher Rave!!

Each year Instructor Magazine chooses the "very best resources for your classroom chosen by our editors and teachers" in Language arts. This year they chose Kreative Komix!

Check out the October 02 issue of MAC Addict review by Senior Tech Editor Narasu Rebbapragada.

"...Another cool thing I got a peek at at the Fair was Super Hero Creator, from the good-hearted but weak-spelling folks at Kreative Komix. Bernie and his son, Alex, did a short presentation of this cool program that incorporates creative storytelling, graphic design, and a bit of dramatic flair. As demonstrated and suggested by some of the attendees at the presentation, it could fairly easily be adapted to fit nearly any curriculum area, from mathematics to language arts, science to social studies."

–Yiftach Levy - EDgames BLOG, San Diego State University

"Creative writing has never been so much fun."

Reprinted with permission from Scholastic Inc. Text as it appears in Instructor March 2004 (Volume 113, No. 6). All rights reserved.


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