Kids making puppets
with characters from
Fairy Tales: Peter Pan.
Just one of the many things
easily done with Kreative Komix,

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Tell a Story • Invent Characters • Make Your Own Graphic Story • Print Them Out or Play Them on Screen • Make a Single Page or an Entire Graphic Novel

Make and send E-mail greeting cards • It's super easy and really fun!

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Kreative Komix distinguishes itself... it's unprecedented ease-of-use...
  Even your youngest kids or your most reluctant writers will be amazed and delighted with their own published animated stories with sound, movement, graphics, and text. it's facility with both paper & screen...
  Print comic books or be the director of your own animated flash cartoons.
...and with high quality, fun graphics.
  Thematic and accurate graphic details are ideal for both individualized and cooperative learning activities.

Send E-mail Greeting Cards
Design a scene, add text, and with a click of your mouse send an e-mail card to friends and family.

Animate Scenes
Animate characters and props by simply clicking where you want them to go.

Create Sounds
Record and add your own sounds. Click "Speak Text" and your characters talk to each other in different voices!

Build Characters
The Character Maker has hundreds of parts. You can mix and match between games. Use it to repose an existing character or create your own!

Add Graphics
Use the easy menu to access hundreds of graphics including backgrounds, scenery, props, and characters.

Layout Your Own Book
Choose from a variety of page layout styles with a few clicks of the mouse. Lay out your comic book like a pro.

Make Stick Puppets
Print out the characters and create stick puppets.

Print Pages
Print your pages or book on any printer. Comic Creator works well in color or black and white.

Slide Show Player
Make movies to entertain your friends. Bring your stories to life on the computer with the built-in comic player.


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