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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I create a text object?

Can I add my own art?

When I try to log in I get a "Director Player Error"?

Where can I get Kreative Komix?


Introduction: Macintosh and Windows Installation
Program Features  
Single-Page Comics Logging In
Choosing a Background
Adding Characters and Props
Deleting a Character or Prop
Rotating, Scaling, and Arranging Clip art in a Scene
To Move Clip art
To Arrange Clip art
Adding Text to Your Komix
Using Speech Bubbles
Using Computer-Generated Speech
Controlling the Voice of the Computerized Speech
Recording Sounds
The Character Maker  
Laying out Komix Books To Lay Out a page with Multiple Cells
Editing a Scene while you are in the Layout Mode
To lay Out Story with Multiple Pages
Komix Player Playing Your Komix on your Computer
Creating Komix to Share with Friends
Puppet Shows Creating Puppet Shows
To Print Out Puppets
To Print Out a Background as a Puppet Show Backdrop
Working with Files Saving and Opening Files
Closing a File
Printing Printing Your Activities
Printing a Single Activity
Printing a Book
Printing a Komix Poster Size
Teaching Ideas Teaching Ideas
Instructional Posters
Story Starters
Comic Pen Pals

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