American History - Colonial America and Westward Expansion
has curriculum based graphics perfectly suited to for students to use in making reports and doing homework.

The Super Hero and Fairy Tale components are designed to develop language and communication skills. Open a sample PDF of some of the stories we've made by clicking the links listed below.

Pinnochio | Cinderella | Sleeping Beauty | Aladdin's Lamp

Make story books and panels.

Make slide show movies.

Make and send E-mail greeting cards.

It's super easy and really fun!

Take a tour of the Program by clicking here.

You don't have to play with Kreative Komix on screen. The fact that Kreative Komix is cross-platform and works with virtually any printer opens many other entertaining and useful classroom possibilities.
Make Puppets and Dioramas!

Make classroom displays and graphics. In addition to teaching writing skills, Kreative komix is particularily useful for vocabulary and phonics instruction.

Kreative Komix allows a variety of print and output options.

Print poster sized versions for display and decoration.

Save your art to use in other applications.



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