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Kreative Komix
cool backgrounds

and plenty of props and animation...

...along with the Character Creator ...

...make this a guaranteed hit with young imaginations!!!

Leap over tall buildings. Foil dastardly villains and their evil minions. No tale is too tall to tell with Kreative Komix Super Hero Comic Book Maker. All of the backgrounds and props you'll need to bring your favorite comic book characters to life are included in this dynamic multimedia program.

Heroes and Villains, citizens and monsters, HiTeK Super Heroes all original characters fire imagination and play!!

The TekGrrls...

Copper Diez Grrl Princess Izanami Maatrix

...Team with the TekBoyz...

Gojo Jaguar Kai-Ten Mojo Tek-Mek fight evil - and sometimes - each other!

The Villain Cast includes 10 of the most foul, evil intergalactic scoundrels you've ever seen.

Bebu Maniflex BluSoot Capo Count tekul Korprat
Malatech Qobra Rantor PhD Kiasar-X Slyme



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