You may already have our Fairy Tales, Super Hero and American History Editions, here are some more...

Available Now! - Featuring backgrounds, hundreds of animals and props for recreating and exploring Desert, Forest, Ocean, Pond, Rain Forest and Wetland habitats. Bean, Frog and Silkworm Lifecycle components included. How exciting can a bean be you ask? Well, with Kreative Komix the bean lifecycle becomes a horse of another color!
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Tree Frog
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Available Now! - Oh boy! Oh boy! UFO's everywhere! Monsters, aliens, strange planets. Robots, ray guns and space ships! The kids are going to love this one. Planned for release in the winter of 2005-2006 as a downloadable version. Get the entire set or just the parts you want.

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Available Now! -
It's a monster maker of sorts; except for one little detail - the monsters are real!

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