Each component has a complete set of characters, backgrounds, props and scenery.

Bean Life Cycle
From bean to plant. Soil and field backgrounds with leaves, sprouts and vines.
Frog Life Cycle
Frog eggs, through tadpoles to toads, a little world teaming with life!
Silkworm Life Cycle
Life on a trembling leaf. The Silkworm transforms in stages to it's delicate Moth form.
Desert Habitat
Day and night scenes with animals and insects, even an ant colony cut away.
Forest Habitat
Aspen, Oak and Pine forest trees and backgrounds, props and inhabitants.
Ocean Habitat
Make underwater, coral reef, polar and surface scenes. Includes some ocean industries props.
Pond and Stream Habitat
Beaver pond and stream bed components, it's as beautiful as it is fun.
Rain Forest
Tell the story of the rain forest or use this component to make exciting jungle stories.
Wetlands Habitat
Recreate a mangrove forest or shallow water scene.
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Our credo is: "A creative way to play, a fun way to learn!" That has never been more true with Kreative Komix "Science - Habitats & Lifestyles"

A highly intuitive interface and gorgeous, realistically illustrated, lesson-specific art make "Science - Habitats & Lifestyles" a great way to do or assign classroom work. As it is with any of the other Comic Book Maker Series, the art can be used in, or pulled from, to add flexibility and extend story making possibilities.

Here are just a few of the characters specific to each life cycle...
Silkworm Pupae Silkworm Moth Tadpole Toad Beans
...and hundreds of characters to use in each habitat.
Camel Scorpion Doe Rabbit Shark
Polar Bear Duckling Gorilla Parrot Flamingo
We have also created comic characters from each of the habitats to use in inventive stories!
Akia Bodacious Bunny Hunny Bear P. Dog Flava Speedy



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