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Are you a budding Isaac Asimov? Perhaps you have a Ray Bradbury buried within? Or you are an up and coming Steven Spielberg or a not so up and coming Ed Woods? What ever creative level you care to aspire to, Kreative Komix Sci-fi Monster Graphic Story Writer can help you get there. Write your own graphic science fiction novella or movie treatment using our art and your imagination.

Here are just a few of the Aliens...

Igg Vampala Verdito Verdita Buhgg
Kaow Kharrel Yoong Martian Boober Siggim Phroid Merkle

...the Monsters ...

Cleoptera Ghaddagheep Obloid Oracle Blueth

...the Kids and Animals in Sci-Fi Monsters.

Jason Kayla Lynn Tinkie
Aleomorphea Circausian
Tiger Mouse
Elkan Balfora Phenork Spuppy


Check out the great Sci-Fi backgrounds

The Character Maker in Sci-Fi is a Monster Hit!

The game contains plenty of props...

...and Scenery.

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