Down the British! Up the Americans! Learning history was never this fun!

Kreative Komix Comic Book Maker, American History features scenes and personalities lifted right off the pages of American History. It's a fun story book maker with all the art you'll need to:

Barter with Tisquantum at Plymouth Colony, toss British Tea into Boston Harbor or negotiate peace with King George. Debate politics with Thomas Jefferson! Conduct a potlatch with friends in a Mandan lodge! Relive a dangerous escape from slavery with Harriet Tubman or an arduous journey with Sacagawea. Defend the Alamo or let it fall!

Whether they "stick to the script" or rewrite history, your kids will develop a better understanding of history while sharpening the critical thinking and creative skills they'll need to make their own contributions! Hail Columbia!

Here are just a few of the hundreds of characters, all rendered in a fun cartoon style with attention to paid historical detail!

Santa Anna Jim Bowie Soldero Col. Travis Davy Crockett
Washington J. Q. Adams Dolley Madison George III Crispus Attucks
Cameahwait Lewis Clark York Charbonneau
F. Douglas H. Tubman L.Coffin Slave Man Slave Girl


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Other characters include:
The early Presidents and their First Ladies, Colonists, Brits, Explorers, First Nations Leaders along with Citizens, Soldiers, Trappers and more.

Scenes include:
Ship decks, beaches, harbors, rivers, river banks, villages, settlements, meeting halls, cabins and houses, colonial and settler home interiors, First Nations home interiors, plantations, farms and more.


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