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Sleeping Beauty

Aladdin's Lamp

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We include hundreds of pre-made characters or you can use the Character Creator to fill out the traditional story or write your own!

Add text then make the text speak.
You can even change the voice of each text bubble so that it sounds like different characters are talking to each other!

Aladdin's Lamp · Beauty and the Beast · Cinderella · Little Mermaid · Peter Pan · Pinocchio · Robin Hood · Sleeping Beauty · Snow White · Tin Soldier

Story telling is an ancient and crucial part of our culture. Fairy Tale Comic Book Maker allows children to invent and express their own world or recreate traditional stories with backgrounds, props, scenery, characters - literally hundreds of pieces of art.

Look below to see just a few of the characters included. Not to mention the endless combinations of posable Knights, Princesses, Trolls, Dwarfs and Wizards you can make with the Character Maker!

Aladdin Layla Belle Beast Father
Agatha Cinderella Fairy Godmother The Prince Rachael
Peter Pan Tinkerbell Wendy Pinnochio Sly Fox

Here are just a few of your basic fairy tale citizens...

The King The Queen Sariyana Rollo Tito

...and Animals!

Bunny Dragon Crow Butterfly Unicorn



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